AAMPACT Business Barometer

A neutral insight into the business situation in the European IAM

What is going on in the European workshop business and the wholesale segment? How did the last quarter go, what will the next quarter be like, what are the expectations for the end of the year? What´s about the current capacity utilisation?

For this purpose, BBE Automotive interviews 100 workshops per country in Germany, England, France, Italy, Poland and Spain by telephone every quarter and thus determines the business situation in these markets in a completely neutral way.

In addition to these constant topics, current market developments are also examined with quarterly changing questions. Electromobility, purchasing behaviour, online affinity, sources of supply, branded parts versus private labels and many more. The participating companies agree on the topics with the market researchers in the steering group.

Produkt+Markt does the same thing in parallel in the car parts trade. In the same 6 markets with 10 important distributors / parts wholesalers in each case.

This neutral view of the individual markets is currently appreciated by 16 AAMPACT members who have commissioned this survey through AAMPACT for several years and share the costs.

A good example of the benefits of this initiative. The survey results are of equal interest to all, the effort is the same and the costs are shared. The more AAMPACT members participate, the cheaper it becomes for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Send your email to andrea.fischer@aampact.com and participate as well.