About NAAG

The New Automotive Aftermarket Generation (NAAG) is a group of young professionals working under the AAMPACT umbrella. The idea behind NAAG is to create a platform for collaboration for the new generation of automotive aftermarket professionals allowing them to tackle the challenges of today and shape the future of the industry.

NAAG Accomplishments

NAAG members worked in below three directions and published white papers tackling the challenges in each:

Future trends of the Independent Aftermarket. The working group identified and analyzed the future trends affecting the industry. Conducted surveys with workshops and distributors to understand their needs and expectations and defined a proposal for the manufacturers. White paper on Future trends of the Independent Aftermarket (PDF, 629 KB)

Digital transformation. The working group tackled two directions: One Stop Data Platform and Drop Shipment.

  • Current data platforms are not future-proofed, and the One Stop Data Platform team worked on understanding the requirements of a dream platform. In their white paper, they are proposing improvements and a call to action to the industry players. White paper on One Stop Data Platform (PDF, 905 KB)
  • Drop shipment team reviewed the strategic relevance of drop shipment for aftermarket companies and identified how companies can get support on their journey to implement drop shipment practices. White paper on Drop Shipment (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Organizational Transformation. The working group analyzed the role of key account managers in the success of the organization, identified key account manager profile and the most favorable position in an organizational structure of a company for both employer and customers.

Current Projects

NAAG enables the leading manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket to drive the change following the future trends affecting the industry. In 2022 we have successfully rolled out three working groups that are collaborating on the following projects:

Sustainability in the Automotive Aftermarket
Sustainability is one of the major trends affecting all industries across the globe. At NAAG we have identified analyzing the role of sustainability in the automotive aftermarket as one of the priorities. There are three directions that the NAAG team is working towards:

  • Support validating CLEPA´s definition of sustainability in the automotive aftermarket
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of an AAM manufacturer in a sustainable value chain
  • Define the key aspects (checklist) of a sustainable AAM manufacturer

MyCarDictionary is a platform that helps drivers to deepen the knowledge about car parts that are installed in their vehicle. With the goal of improving user experience as well as attracting new users of the platform, our team is taking the following steps:

  • Support the rollout of the knowledge platform in other European countries
  • Find associations in different European countries to help launching the website in their local language

Experience & Exchange
Under this workstream, the NAAG team is working on enhancing the interactions between the NAAG members and creating a platform for experience exchange. We have identified the following three directions:

  • Organize experience-sharing meetings between NAAG members to help expand the professional network
  • Establish a mentoring program to promote a culture of learning and develop talents in the automotive aftermarket
  • Organize experience-sharing sessions with experts from the industry

If you are looking for an opportunity to make an impact in the industry and deepen your knowledge of the independent aftermarket, expand your professional network, participate in best practices sharing sessions as well as get an outside-in view on various subjects within the automotive aftermarket, contact us at naag@aampact.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions about participation and welcome you in our group.