AAMPACT Working Group Social Media

Due to Covid-19, we had postponed the meeting of the Social Media Working Group, originally planned for April, to September 23rd.  Instead of meeting personally in Frankfurt as planned at the time, we decided to turn it into an online meeting. The current Corona situation is simply still too uncertain and many companies have travel restrictions for the protection of their employees.

Especially this working group with the online experts and social media managers has no difficulties in dealing with the current topics in a Webex conference. The 31 committed participants were inspired to ask questions by the exciting contributions of Bosch with an interesting planning tool and MAHLE with a best practice example of social media activities.  Both online communities FabuCar and Schrauberblog presented their progress and current activities. The protocol and the individual presentations are available on our website in the member’s area: www.aampact.com

Thanks a lot to the participants and speakers. We are already looking forward to our next meeting in April 2021 and hope that we will soon be able to meet again personally.

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