"Automechanika Digital Plus" Updates

A new name for a new, unique trade fair concept in two senses. A one-time event in 2021, as a replacement for the Automechanika that was postponed from 2020 to this year, which unfortunately cannot take place in this way thanks to Covid-19, the "Automechanika Digital Plus" will take place. A digital trade fair "plus" personal participation of visitors who would like to come to Frankfurt.
In order to make the AAMPACT members more familiar with the new form and to answer the many similar questions in a more collected way there will be the "Automechanika Digital Plus" Update Meetings. First on May 11th, then again on June 2nd and most recently, yesterday on July 1st, Olaf Musshoff and the Automechanika team took the time to present the current plans to the trade fair managers of the AAMPACT members and to answer open questions. Many thanks for this. The next "update meeting" date is already agreed.  Be with us on Tuesday, July, 27th.  

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