Everything in the green - AAMPACT industry initiatives

Today the annual partner meeting of the two AAMPACT initiatives "mein-autolexikon.de" and " Qualität ist Mehrwert" took place. In addition to the very pleasing reports on the progress of the anniversary campaigns, there were many other success stories. This year both initiatives celebrate their 10th anniversary. The two agencies CGW, for " Qualität ist Mehrwert" and MSH AND MORE for "mein-autolexikon.de" reported to the participants from almost all AAMPACT members, about the good progress on the broadest front. Internationalisation, further growth in visitor numbers, increasing number of newsletter recipients, significantly more hits, workshop survey on digitalisation, roadshow, and many other measures. The stronger emphasis on online activities is paying off. It is also pleasing that five more member companies have decided to participate in the industry initiatives this year. Good progress, good plans and good measures, form the basis for the years to come. There is still something to be done.

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