“NAAG meets” - Logistics, CLEPA, TecAlliance and IfA

The NAAG project group, New Automotive Aftermarket Generation, at AAMPACT is very active and has made contacts in all directions within its three working fields, "Digital Transformation", "Organisational Transformation" and "Future of the Aftermarket". In the past few weeks, for example, there was a meeting with the Logistics Working Group to discuss NAAG's ideas with regard to optimising the supply chain. A first meeting was held with TecAlliance for closer cooperation with regard to the future requirements for data suppliers. Similarly, there was an initial online meeting with CLEPA to introduce NAAG and future collaboration on projects.

Further networking with CAR-Next, the junior working group of the CAR shareholders and the Projekt Zukunftswerkstatt 4.0 at the Institut für Automobilwirtschaft have already been arranged. NAAG hits the gas!

Interested participants are very welcome. At the moment, only 20 of 54 AAMPACT members have nominated "high potentials" for NAAG. There is still room for improvement.

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