New Automotive Aftermarket Generation Meeting

Founded at the beginning of this year as the "Young Professional Working Group" in AAMPACT, the group of 21 branch experts changed its name shortly afterwards. Away from "Young", whatever that stands for, it is now NAAG, the "New Automotive Aftermarket Generation".

This group of future-oriented participants is committed to finding new ideas and new answers to the challenges of our industry with an objective and unbiased view.

Slightly slowed down but not stopped by the Covid-19 restrictions, the group held an online workshop on September 15th instead of the planned face-to-face workshop in Cologne. Great respect to the organizers and facilitators of the three working groups, who delivered excellent results in a short time. Many compliments also to the participants who were well prepared, motivated and showed great commitment to the individual topics.

"Digital Transformation", "Organisational Transformation" and "Future of the Aftermarket" are the titles of the three working groups that will present their results at the upcoming AAMPACT General Assembly in Frankfurt on October 30th.

With 21 NNAG participants from our 55 member companies, we now have a strong group that is happy to grow even further. AAMPACT members who do not yet have a representative in the NAAG are cordially invited to nominate their participant.

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