Online General Meeting on October 30th

Due to Covid-19, the second general meeting also took place as an online conference. This did not affect the quality of the event and the participating member companies were informed comprehensively. Michael Johannes and Olaf Mußhoff from Messe Frankfurt reported on the positive registration status and the concept of the Automechanika, which was postponed to September 2021. Afterwards Thomas Fischer informed about the results of the different working groups and about the membership development. As a new member since July 1st, he warmly welcomed Sensata Technologies/ Schrader TPMS. The industry initiatives "" and "Qualität ist Mehrwert" will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. This was the opportunity for the supervising agencies CGW for "Qualität ist Mehrwert" and MSH AND MORE for "" to outline the successful development of the industry initiatives and to give an outlook into the future. Expansion of the reach and internationalisation are key factors here.

We intend to continue the quarterly business barometer in 6 European markets in the coming years. The valuable information that the participating AAMPACT members receive from the regular workshop and trade survey have once again been brought to us by BBE and Produkt+Markt. We are looking for further contributors who, in addition to neutral market information, would also like to benefit from the advantage of falling costs with rising participants.

Another interesting point was the introduction of the new working group "NAAG"  the "Next Automotive Aftermarket Generation" with 21 participants from 18 member companies. New ideas, new approaches with a fresh look at the challenges facing our industry. This working group will deal with the topics of the future.

As a concrete project, a European e-commerce study is planned for next year. After the three previous studies in 2012, 2015 and 2018, the study is scheduled to be relaunched and adapted to the rapid, current developments.

Marco Monsees from TecAlliance presented a new business solution called “myITG” that allows a more efficient handling of all ITG data. The new CARUSO CEO Norbert Dohmen reported on the interesting progress made this year on the data-market-place and Frank Schlehuber from CLEPA gave a deep insight into the current European issues in Brussels regarding the type approval legislation and the block exemption regulation.

You can find further information on this and every other working group in the members area of the AAMPACT website:

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