"Sustainability Day" at SKF

At the invitation of SKF, the first "NAAG Sustainability Day" took place in Schweinfurt on December 15th. The venue was the impressive test centre for large bearings in the industrial sector. These giant bearings with a diameter of up to 6 metres are also installed in wind turbines. Thus, the bridge to sustainability was quickly built via alternative energies.

Many thanks to Philipp Herlein and Patrick Engel, who invited the NAAG members to Schweinfurt and were an excellent host.  In addition to the sustainability topics, which a project team led by Fabian Mahr is working at NAAG, the meeting was also the second meeting with physical presence of the NAAG members.

An exciting guest lecture, virtually from the USA by Tammy Tecklenburg on the topic of diversity and the very interesting guided tour of the Sven Wingquist Test Center made the day complete.

Finally, the outgoing leader team, first and foremost Aldo Silva, Schaeffler, as well as Marga Casas Lleida, ZF and Florian Heberer, Herth+Buss both unfortunately not able to join, were bid farewell with great thanks.

As of January 1st, Mariam Lochoshvili, Sensata, Adrian Rothschild, Hengst SE and Fabian Mahr, Elring Klinger will take over the lead of the New Automotive Aftermarket Generation at AAMPACT and will set the next milestones.

The NAAG team is looking forward to further committed contributors from the ranks of the AAMPACT members. With interest and enthusiasm for the IAM and its topics, with an international orientation and curiosity about the future, you will fit in perfectly with us. Send your email to mlochoshvili@sensata.com or to info@aampact.com    

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