The AAMPACT Business Barometer Will Start in the First Quarter of 2020!

True to the principle “Good things come to those who wait” the “Business Barometer” starts now with 16 participating companies.
Despite the great interest in the summer of last year and the good response to the first wave of surveys financed by AAMPACT in the autumn of 2019, the actual registrations for 2020 got off to a slow start. This has been by far the hardest initial phase for a new project.
Nevertheless – We keep on course! We are determined to make it a success and gradually gain more AAMPACT members. Eventually, our project gets more affordable with every additional participant.
With the help of the market researchers and the interviewed panel we were able to establish something like a survey routine and we will soon be able to carry out surveys on other interesting topics. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.
After the steering committee, consisting of experts from the participants and market researchers from BBE and Produkt+Markt, met for the first time on February 26th in Cologne it is time for practical implementation.
The first survey wave launched in the first quarter of 2020:
Where? 6 European countries
Who? 500 workshops and 60 distributors
What? Current business development IAM and expectations for the next months
We are hoping for interesting and independent results from a neutral position. That is what we are expecting and the reason why the participants took the survey!
The “Kick Off”-Meeting with the participating AAMPACT members and the two Market Research companies took place on February 26th in Cologne   

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